Awnings decorative cast

Code: p11580384
Material: Cast
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Our team has a wealth of creative and technical expertise in the development and implementation of the most ambitious projects.

The company's products Dekorlit architectural appointments are not only for its performance, but also can decorate as private territory cottages and houses, decorate park lighting, and be used in the reconstruction of historical sites.
Our company specializes in manufacturing various kinds of products made of aluminum, brass, cast iron for individual orders, but we are ready to also offer services for the restoration of elements of fences, iron staircases, balusters and other. Our artistic approach to work allows you to create exclusive designs.

Gazebos are freestanding, open on all sides of construction under the roof; they provide shade, shelter and a place to stay and decorate the landscape. Pergolas are usually located in such a way as to have a good view.

Pergola (ital.pergola) - garden unit, type-setting design of repeating sections of arches, connected by a transverse bars, to protect the passage of the sun. It can be either a free-standing structure, and part of the building, closing the outdoor terraces. Borrowed in Russian Italian word derived from the Latin pergola pergula «canopy extension."

Visors - a great tool for decorating the entrance to the room. Canopies and awnings steel, entrances are designed not only to decorate the entrance to the building, but also to protect it and its constituent people from the weather and precipitation. View metallic visor is selected depending on the style of the building and your wishes.

Manufacturer Dekorlit
Made in Ukraine
material Cast Iron
additional Features
Manufacturer Dekorlit
ISO 9001: 2000
material cast Iron
Makes cast iron EN GJL 200, EN GJL 250, EN GJL 300, EN GJS 500-7 and EN GJS 600-3
The quality is 100% guaranteed quality
Shipping according to the agreement with the customer