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  • Flower beds and borders. New ideas for Your garden and estate.

Flower beds and borders. New ideas for Your garden and estate.

Flower beds and borders. New ideas for Your garden and estate.



Factors affecting the design of the garden

Drawing up a project plan of Your garden

The surface of Your garden

Walls, fences, gates, trellis


Gates (Gates)


Garden landscaping

Flower beds and borders

Rocky gardens (rock gardens)

Raised Flower Beds


Decorative furniture

Gazebos and pinnacles

Arches and pergolas

Gazebo and tree houses

Canopies and shelves

The charm of swimming pools and fountains



Flower beds and borders cover a difficult and ugly forms of landscape walls, fences and tracks and soften the final result, you can create entire borders of shrubs or use them everywhere in the garden, you can make a spectacular flower beds, including annuals and biennials, you can use roses as a Supplement to other colors or by themselves. Bed of roses - it's impressive! However, the most interesting species have a well-planned mixed borders, consisting of annuals, bulbs, herbaceous perennials, shrubs and some architectural features. One of the great advantages of a mixed border you can change it from year to year. Types of beds and borders that you can create virtually limitless. Flowerbed island can be done in the areas of grass or paving, it is seen from all sides, while traditional support flowerbeds to the fence or wall is installed with higher plants in the back and lower in front, offers various possibilities in General. In relief the bed accents are found on plants at eye level, while some beds are designed so that you could go through them and consider plants from several points.

The border needs some amount of space, its minimum size is 1.2 x 3 m If the border will be smaller, you should limit the number of plants, using up to six or seven different types.

If you have more space, you can create interesting combinations of different forms and styles, including winding or changing the width of the borders, which are more interesting than the borders straight.

If you create a flowerbed in the field of lawn, first remove the turf with a sharp shovel or peat cutter.

If on this site before, nothing grew, and so the soil is very compacted, double dig the bed and add fertilizer before planting. If you are going to protect the flower bed and border, make the border before any plants will be planted, wooden frame, large rocks, logs or small wall will stop the soil. Before you dig the flower bed, LRI-dimensional mark of its area, using a small hammer to drive the poles and pull the thread around the tops of the pillars to determine the exact borders of the flower beds. If the border is planned very winding, use the hose to create a curved border. Following the thread or hose, pour sand out of a little bottle, thereby determining the boundaries.

Here are a few rules to create a mixed border.

• Most mixed borders or shrubs need sunlight

• When installing a curb against a wall or fence leave at least 45 cm between the back of curb and the wall. Best between them lay a track, it will facilitate access to the back of the curb and the wall.

• Encourage good drainage and bright sun.

• Make sure that you choose healthy plants appropriate for the soil and the necessary provisions of the curb to get a good flowering and growth.

Abstract to the material:

Now you finally become a happy owner of a private house, and, as a consequence, garden. A small caveat: there is a view not a luxurious garden, with shady avenues (you probably got a pile of construction debris and a running lawn). In the best case, Your garden is perfectly manicured, but be consistent with the nature of the previous owners, and not yours.

But the garden should be like You. In our book You will find projects for all variants of the garden. We have ideas and suggestions for the use of construction and finishing materials, which will allow You to develop and implement a garden that matches Your desires and needs, reflecting Your individuality and requirements of Your family. You will be able to build tracks, fences, areas for recreation and games, pools and fountains, gazebos, weed garden beds, borders, lighting garden - in any style, classic or trendy. We will help You create the garden of Your dreams.

Our catalog of decorative shaped castings of cast iron includes:

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