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Decorative furniture. New ideas for Your garden and estate.

Decorative furniture. New ideas for Your garden and estate.



Factors affecting the design of the garden

Drawing up a project plan of Your garden

The surface of Your garden

Walls, fences, gates, trellis


Gates (Gates)


Garden landscaping

Flower beds and borders

Rocky gardens (rock gardens)

Raised Flower Beds


Decorative furniture

Gazebos and pinnacles

Arches and pergolas

Gazebo and tree houses

Canopies and shelves

The charm of swimming pools and fountains


Mosaic - style, old as our history. As in ancient times, the mosaic is still relevant today. In modern gardens mosaic can be used for decoration or decorating floors, walls, furniture or flower pots. In shops you can buy double-adhesive mosaic or ordinary PVA. Mosaics cover the usual garden table, this will make it ideal for outdoor applications as it is waterproof, easy to clean and wiped off.

Materials for mosaics not necessarily to buy, you can make them yourself. The pieces of broken porcelain or old wall tiles in the bathroom can be used as ceramic tiles. The main breaking tiles to take care of security. Wear protective goggles and work gloves.

Mosaic table

Draw a first draft on paper. Prepare glass square plane, clean them, soak in water for about five or ten minutes, to separate them from their paper backing.

Determine the center of the table, drawing two diagonal lines from corner to corner, the center is the point at which they intersect. Put mosaic tiles on your sample. For complex patterns to draw better project right on the table with a pencil. Make sure that the Central tile is fixed exactly. Leave narrow gaps between each tile for a solution. This process will probably take you much time, but without him it is impossible to do.

Once you have made sure that the pattern laid out correctly, gradually remove one small tile, glue PVA on the surface of the table and sticking the tile back. Leave the pieces on the night.

The next day, mix a special solution for tile according to instructions on the package, it should have the consistency of thick soup. Thickly spread them over the surface of the tiles.

Leave the solution for 15 minutes to dry, but not frozen. Gently swipe over the surface slightly damp sponge to remove excess solution.

Abstract to the material:

Now you finally become a happy owner of a private house, and, as a consequence, garden. A small caveat: there is a view not a luxurious garden, with shady avenues (you probably got a pile of construction debris and a running lawn). In the best case, Your garden is perfectly manicured, but be consistent with the nature of the previous owners, and not yours.

But the garden should be like You. In our book You will find projects for all variants of the garden. We have ideas and suggestions for the use of construction and finishing materials, which will allow You to develop and implement a garden that matches Your desires and needs, reflecting Your individuality and requirements of Your family. You will be able to build tracks, fences, areas for recreation and games, pools and fountains, gazebos, weed garden beds, borders, lighting garden - in any style, classic or trendy. We will help You create the garden of Your dreams.

Our catalog of decorative shaped castings of cast iron includes yourself:

Antispermalnye bollards, bollard, protective barriers

Gazebos, pergolas, awnings, canopies

Fireplaces, furnaces

Flower beds, flower beds, vases and planters

- Brackets, console, sconce

- Manholes, storm grates, storm-water inlets

- Tree grilles for trees

Advertising Board, signboards

- Benches, outdoor benches, benches

- Chairs, tables, tables

Street bins, bins

- Lampposts, lanterns ,street lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers

Fountains, water column

Elements fences, ladders, fences, doors, gates, window grills

- Balusters

- Decorative lighting

- Garden lights

- Garden lamps

- Lighting plot

- Landscaping lights

Park lamps

Landscape lighting

- Led lights

- Bollards, fencing posts

- Masks

- Landscape lighting