Pergolas and arches

Pergolas and arches



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Arches and pergolas are the most popular architectural garden items. They can be made in various styles and from various materials, in accordance with the size of your garden. They can be decorative (arch that connects one part of the garden on the other), or create a shadow (pergola). These buildings may have a more practical purpose - to serve as a support for vertical gardening. Arches and pergolas create a unique garden style - no matter if they are of brick, wood, metal, or made in the form of hedges.

Arches set at the entrance to the garden and output places of transition from one part of the garden to another. They seem to encourage people to constantly move in the garden space. Wooden or metal, plain or with decorative elements, arches add a peculiar charm to any garden. They not only serve as a support for abundantly rising plants type of clematis, honeysuckle and roses, but also visually separates the lawn from the patio or vegetable plot. Build a series of arches at a small distance from each other - and you will get the pergola. If you are not sure about the size and appearance . future arch, first make a sketch on paper.

You can build different arches. All depends on Your imagination, size and style of your garden.

Rustic garden arch is built in the form of a lattice, mounted on poles with residues bark.

For classic garden creates a more complex design using square bars.

If you have a large space to install the pillars of brick lattice panels between them and square wooden sections at the corners.

The easiest way to create arches is to buy one of the many plastic or metal arches that are available in garden centers and spetsializirovannyh stores. Plastic arches usually look like plastic and short-lived, so that the metal is more economical choice for the long term. Be sure to check all measurements before you buy the arch, as many of the ready-made arches too narrow to comfortably pass through them. When you buy an arch, always imagine how it will look when it will be closed roses and how much space will be left between the posts for easy passage through it.

Depending on the situation of the arch can be left in its original form or braided climbing plants. In a small garden where space is scarce, the arch can be used for growing more plants. Roses without thorns type is the best choice for this situation. Many varieties of roses bloom all summer, and adding to them clematis, you prolong the flower season in your garden. Roses and clematis planted in the spring and tie up to the arch. Shoots of plants inside the arch should be regularly cut or bind to plants does not interfere with the passage.

Building a simple arch on their own in most cases is cheaper to purchase at the garden center. And the creation of their own hands, agree, always nice to see yourself and show your friends. Typically, the arch should give approximately 2.4 m high and 1.2 m wide. If the sketch on paper, you are satisfied, you can purchase the materials. Generally, as the main supporting elements use logs with a diameter not less than 10 cm, or a bar of square cross section of 7.5×7.5 cm and 10×10 cm is Preferable to use chestnut wood, but will fit any other, treated with a special protective equipment that protects from moisture and harmful insects. Impregnation should be careful, in a few days. The wooden parts, covered with bark, need to be processed only at the ends.

When you build an arch or pergola, it is necessary to carefully adjust all the details and to use simple connection by means of nails or screws with corrosion-resistant coating. Use this type of connection for mounting details. In order to maintain the correct angle, set the horizontal and vertical parts as shown. To connect the parts at right angles, the ends are cut at an angle of 45°. Alternatively, make a V-shaped connection, cutting V-image-ing the notch in the cross beam, and consequently cut off the end of the other beam. Diagonal angle brackets are used to enhance the designs and decorations.

Creating a simple arch

Mark the locations of the vertical posts. They are made from round or square beam with a cross section of 7.5-10 cm Transverse beams should have a section 5-7,5 cm Width of the brackets for mounting should be half the width of the transverse beams.

If the ligaments of the upper cross-beams used cross connection, the curly brackets do more decorative than the crimping function.

All connections secure with nails. They should be long enough, but not to protrude from the other side.

For a smooth connection on the cross-beam cut V-way-ing a recess in which to have carefully adjusted the ends of the transverse beams. Connections will strengthen nails.

Install vertical posts and secure them temporary backup-mi to complete drying of the concrete.

Secure the top part of the arch screws on vertical posts or cross beam.


Pergolas are formed several standing near the arches. They can be placed near the house, fence or hang, creating decorative passage or serving as a support for climbing plants. Traditionally, pergolas are built from wood, but may have brick or concrete poles as a support for the wooden cross-beams. As in the case of arches, pergolas can be built in different styles. The main thing is that they fit into the overall style of your garden. Before the independent construction of pergolas (or arches, arbors) well done from different angles some photos where you intend to install the structure. Imposing on pictures tracing paper with various designs, you will get an idea of how it will look like the building in combination with a selected area of the garden.

For pergolas, you can use the same parameters wooden parts, as for the arch, as well as the overall width and height. A free-standing pergola is installed like a wooden arch. The scope of individual arches fastened with nails, and set in the pits with concrete fill. When the concrete has stiffened, additional transverse planks and laths should brace freestanding arches to make the structure more rigidity. To make the plants easier to creep up on the sides of pergolas, you can set the bars or pull wire.

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But the garden should be like You. In our book You will find projects for all variants of the garden. We have ideas and suggestions for the use of construction and finishing materials, which will allow You to develop and implement a garden that matches Your desires and needs, reflecting Your individuality and requirements of Your family. You will be able to build tracks, fences, areas for recreation and games, pools and fountains, gazebos, weed garden beds, borders, lighting garden - in any style, classic or trendy. We will help You create the garden of Your dreams.

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