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Canopies and shelves. New ideas for Your garden and estate.

Canopies and shelves



Factors affecting the design of the garden

Drawing up a project plan of Your garden

The surface of Your garden

Walls, fences, gates, trellis


Gates (Gates)


Garden landscaping

Flower beds and borders

Rocky gardens (rock gardens)

Raised Flower Beds


Decorative furniture

Gazebos and pinnacles

Arches and pergolas

Gazebo and tree houses

Canopies and shelves

The charm of swimming pools and fountains


Huge range of possibilities for the shelves, you can place shelves around the outside of buildings like sheds and warehouses, if there is no space for them inside. Painted in friendly colors, the shelves will look very striking against the wall and landscape lighting. Not necessarily adhere to traditional forms, you can create patterned shelves and have large curved shelf or corner shelves, receiving and novelty and practicality. Canopies good quality roads, purchasing and installing the canopy, make sure that you will not allow him to rot in the corner. A garden shed, like any building, needs regular maintenance, and little attention will prolong his life for many years.

High quality protection from atmospheric influences is one of the main conditions for the longevity of your roof. The wooden parts of the roof every two years should be treated with protective composition. To do this, choose a warm Sunny day, but first the canopy carefully washed from dirt and old protective coating.

Inspect your roof annually for signs of rot. Darkening and softening is the most obvious indicator of rotten wood. Small areas of decay can be removed and the resulting cavity to fill a synthetic filler. On large areas of damaged wood should be cut off and replace it with a new, pre-treating the protective composition.

The roof of the shed should be checked regularly for signs of wear and leakage. Annual bitumen coating can extend the life of the felt roof on your shed, but as soon as leaking, the roof you'll have to repair or even replace. Complete replacement of the roof should be done by an experienced master. Roof repairs - it simpler. First remove the damaged part of the felt, and the remaining nails. Then cut a new piece of felt (Pets overlap of about 10-12 cm to the old floor plus 2.5 cm, to cover the face). New felt should be fixed in place by nails with corrosion-resistant coating with an interval of 11.5 see

Modern plastic gutters are relatively cheap, so replace the damaged area is much cheaper than to restore them. Check gutters sheds at the end of each summer.

The number of shelves placed at an angle with containers on them allows efficient use of a small space and allows you to place plants and flowers along the wall. Decorative walls and partitions also provide an excellent place for storage of various things. The only limitation to the use of shelves directly in the garden is that they are susceptible to erosion and aging of wood.

Our catalog of decorative shaped castings of cast iron includes:

- Antispermalnye bollards, bollard, protective barriers

Gazebos, pergolas, awnings, canopies

Fireplaces, furnaces

Flower beds, flower beds, vases and planters

- Brackets, console, sconce

- Manholes, storm grates, storm-water inlets

- Tree grilles for trees

Advertising Board, signboards

- Benches, outdoor benches, benches

- Chairs, tables, tables

Street bins, bins

- Lampposts, lanterns ,street lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers

Fountains, water column

Elements fences, ladders, fences, doors, gates, window grills

- Balusters

- Decorative lighting

- Garden lights

- Garden light

- Lighting plot

- Landscaping lights

Park lamps

Landscape lighting

- Led lights

- Bollards, fencing posts

- Masks

- Landscape lighting