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  • The fences. New ideas for Your garden and estate.

The fences. New ideas for Your garden and estate.

The fences. New ideas for Your garden and estate.



Factors affecting the design of the garden

Drawing up a project plan of Your garden

The surface of Your garden

Walls, fences, gates, trellis


Gates (Gates)


Garden landscaping

Flower beds and borders

Rocky gardens (rock gardens)

Raised Flower Beds


Decorative furniture

Gazebos and pinnacles

Arches and pergolas

Gazebo and tree houses

Canopies and shelves

The charm of swimming pools and fountains


Like walls, fences serve several purposes in the garden, especially as the barrier around the property and how the separation of one part of the garden from another. High, solid fences provide privacy, shade and protection from the wind, while the more open design will allow light to penetrate and wind. Although the fence and not as sturdy and durable as the wall, it is much cheaper and faster to build. The fence creates an ideal temporary barrier, while a natural fence of bushes or trees grow only with time. Even in this case, a well-built fence can stand for many years, especially if it regularly. There are many different styles of fence, it is important to choose a style that will fit the entire plot. Some type of picket fences, will look better in old houses, taking into account that prefabricated fencing, for example, will be more suitable for modern gardens.

Most types of fence must be built piece-by-piece on the plot and can easily be done yourself. However, you can buy ready-made sections of fence in a range of standard sizes and styles, they significantly speed up construction, but will not be as strong as the traditionally-built fence. In addition, the length of your fence will rarely be equal to the number of finished sections, you'll need to cut them. Another type of fence that you can find in the finished form of a kit of parts, ready to knocking together together is the picket fence , it will also be made in a standard size and may require some trimming to fit the length of the fence, which you tribuite.

There are many types of wooden fence: solid and open, durable, good for intimacy, while provide open border without having to block the view inside. The effect of the rustic style can be achieved using traditional barriers of hazel or willow, which is usually quite decorative. The craft of creating fences increasingly being revived in the market gardening supplies, and more individual projects become available. Some of the open twisted groups attractive and suitable for internal fences, although they are not practical for external borders, willow, in particular, is becoming more accessible.

You can buy ready-made panels and kits in specialized stores, the latter will also provide you with the necessary wood to create your own fence. In both cases, the wood must be treated and impregnated, and treatment must be safe for plants. For safety, never burn wood waste and do not inhale dust when it is pruned, because it can be poisonous. If you use untreated wood, make sure that the posts can stand in a protective solution for several days before putting them in the ground. This will ensure that their base is well protected. The rest of the fence can be processed by brush or spray after installation. When you purchase nails for work, make sure they are galvanized, this treatment will protect them from rusting.

When erecting fences finished panel just knocked together between the pillars. Bearing each panel stands on the bricks or scraps of wood, you can prevent split panels, first drilling the holes for the nails. Posts should be strong and thick enough to support the fence, given the fact that a solid fence will be exposed to the blows of the wind. As far as the post goes into the ground depends on the height of the fence. For fences of a height of more than 1.2 m, the post must be at least 60 cm in the ground. For fences of a height of more than 1.2 m height, especially if they are in a windy area, it is necessary to strengthen every third post, using wood.

Abstract to the material:

Now you finally become a happy owner of a private house, and, as a consequence, garden. A small caveat: there is a view not a luxurious garden, with shady avenues (you probably got a pile of construction debris and a running lawn). In the best case, Your garden is perfectly manicured, but be consistent with the nature of the previous owners, and not yours.

But the garden should be like You. In our book You will find projects for all variants of the garden. We have ideas and suggestions for the use of construction and finishing materials, which will allow You to develop and implement a garden that matches Your desires and needs, reflecting Your individuality and requirements of Your family. You will be able to build tracks, fences, areas for recreation and games, pools and fountains, gazebos, weed garden beds, borders, lighting garden - in any style, classic or trendy. We will help You create the garden of Your dreams.

Our catalog of decorative shaped castings of cast iron includes:

- Antispermalnye bollards, bollard, protective barriers

Gazebos, pergolas, awnings, canopies

Fireplaces, furnaces

Flower beds, flower beds, vases and planters

- Brackets, console, sconce

- Manholes, storm grates, storm-water inlets

- Tree grilles for trees

Advertising Board, signboards

- Benches, street bench, benches

- Chairs, tables, tables

Street bins, bins

- Lampposts, lanterns ,street lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers

Fountains, water column

Elements fences, ladders, fences, doors, gates, window grills

- Balusters

- Decorative lighting

- Garden lights

- Garden light

- Lighting plot

- Landscaping lights

Park lamps

Landscape lighting

- Led lights

- Bollards, fencing posts

- Masks

- Landscape lighting