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  • The lattice. New ideas for Your garden and estate.

The lattice. New ideas for Your garden and estate.

The lattice. New ideas for Your garden and estate.



Factors affecting the design of the garden

Drawing up a project plan of Your garden

The surface of Your garden

Walls, fences, gates, trellis


Gates (Gates)


Garden landscaping

Flower beds and borders

Rocky gardens (rock gardens)

Raised Flower Beds


Decorative furniture

Gazebos and pinnacles

Arches and pergolas

Gazebo and tree houses

Canopies and shelves

The charm of swimming pools and fountains


Usually gratings are used as part of a pergola or similar structure, limiting patio. However, why not build a lattice fence? Grills for less solid border than the fence and can be used where it is necessary to limit the space, but not necessarily to hide. They are also perfect if you want to save the view outside the garden. The grill can stand by itself or be covered with climbing plants for a more attractive appearance.

The grill is also ideal for creating shadow areas and for people and plants. Though to sit in the sun always great, sometimes the shadow is needed. Some plants do not tolerate exposure to the sun virtually all day, some plants do not like the sun, and if your garden has no natural shade, it is a good idea to create it by setting the lattice, which will pass the sunlight, filtering it and create enough shade.

If you plan to grow plants

on the grid, you must create a gap

between the grate and the wall by establishing a panel on wooden boards or use spacer parts. If the grid is set to a painted wall, making pag Nelson with the rods so that it could be removed when the wall will be re-painted.

The grille serves many purposes in the garden, but its main purpose is to support plants, also lattice can be added to the tops of fences, to extend the height and to provide a framework for growth, for example, the clematis. Lattice can be attached to the walls, for which plants might not otherwise cling, or they can be used to build columns for decorative arches.

The grid is usually crossing a narrow wooden or plastic slats forming the open squares approximately 15 cm in size. Grid panel can be purchased, but they are not hard to do yourself, strips just knocked together together and attached to the frame. Finished panel there are various sizes and styles, including square and rectangular lattice (as well as other geometric shapes), they can be made of hard wood or soft wood (the first is more durable).

Abstract to the material:

Now you finally become a happy owner of a private house, and, as a consequence, garden. A small caveat: there is a view not a luxurious garden, with shady avenues (you probably got a pile of construction debris and a running lawn). In the best case, Your garden is perfectly manicured, but be consistent with the nature of the previous owners, and not yours.

But the garden should be like You. In our book You will find projects for all variants of the garden. We have ideas and suggestions for the use of construction and finishing materials, which will allow You to develop and implement a garden that matches Your desires and needs, reflecting Your individuality and requirements of Your family. You will be able to build tracks, fences, areas for recreation and games, pools and fountains, gazebos, weed garden beds, borders, lighting garden - in any style, classic or trendy. We will help You create the garden of Your dreams.

Our catalog of decorative shaped castings of cast iron includes:

- Antispermalnye bollards, bollard, barriers protective

Gazebos, pergolas, awnings, canopies

Fireplaces, furnaces

Flower beds, flower beds, vases and planters

- Brackets, console, sconce

- Manholes, storm grates, storm-water inlets

- Tree grilles for trees

Advertising Board, signboards

- Benches, outdoor benches, benches

- Chairs, tables, tables

- Boxes, bins

- Lampposts, lanterns Park, street, garden lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers

Fountains, water column

Elements fences, ladders, fences, doors, gates, window grills