Antiparkovochnye bars

The most rational equipment for the organization and distribution of parking spaces are antiparkovochnye bars. These columns are used in parking lots, between pedestrian and vehicle areas, for the protection of any area, whether it be a simple lawn or plot near the administrative building. Parking columns are not necessarily used in the streets, such structures can be installed indoors and, for example, to distinguish between space fairgrounds, parking, etc.

The most common type of antiparkovochnyh barriers are simple metal tubes with a variety of decorative overlays on top. The main body can be fixed eyelets for chains and reflective strips. A wide range of bars and barriers antiparkovochnyh, produced by our company makes it possible to choose the most suitable type of fencing for your purposes. We offer metal forged parking and hiking poles, paving, signaling obstacles, stationary and mobile street fencing.