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Fireplaces made of cast iron - Interior zest

Luxury Forged fireplaces not never go out of style. Fireplace - a symbol of comfort and warmth. And thanks to the good design decisions fireplace can become a key element of your interior. In terms of functionality, fireplaces are open and closed. Therefore, before installing you should pay attention to certain details of the process.

Open fireplaces are more than a decorative function. This fireplace has a simple design and can be any shape. A prerequisite of its operation is the presence of blow-out grille, ensuring the safety of inhabitants of the house.

Closed fireplaces are the most reliable. This fireplace is a solid closed chamber in which heat is perfectly preserved. All the walls of the fireplace closed, so ruled out the possibility of falling sparks. Fireplace closed type is definitely safer to use and much more effective at heating the room, but the fire you can watch through the refractory glass.

Forged fireplaces are the most versatile and fit into any style of interior. And the accessories to the fire (poker, drovnitsa, shovel, tongs) will create a special atmosphere and completeness of composition.