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Benches, garden benches. New ideas for Your garden and estate.

Benches, garden benches
Access to the bench should be easy, and the surface on which it stands, is pretty solid. We cannot allow before the bench was formed mud puddles. If the bench is on the lawn, she can stand on the plates or gravel. The bench should not be completely in the sun or in the shade during the entire day.
You can buy second hand chairs and chairs of various styles. However, it is increasingly difficult to find, as they now believed, is more of an antique than stuff. They are often sold in a rather dilapidated state, but it is still possible to recover and use.
Use pillows if you're going to have on the bench a long time. Different fabrics can become a worthy addition to your theme garden, they can also change the style completely. Simple foam pillows available (they can be closed in any suitable cloth). Also buy ready water stable pillows, which can not enter into the house if it rains.
Bought wooden benches are available in different sizes and styles, from "lute" to a simple bench made of logs. You can order a bench with a specialist, you can buy ready-made. But their hands are fairly easy to make an ordinary wooden bench. The top of the bench can simply rely on the pier or fastened with screws. Determine the size and width of the pier. The Foundation is laid in two bricks wide and two bricks long. Build two piers for bench is medium in size at a distance of approximately 1 m from each other - If you want a more long bench, build a third pier so that the Board is not settled. Pier should be approximately six bricks height for comfortable Seating.
Creating a simple wooden benches
1. Build brick piers on concrete base. Install the base of the pier in lime mortar and put four bricks, forming a rectangle, placing them cross. Apply a layer of mortar on the bricks, in preparation for the next row.
2. Lay the next row of bricks in different configurations to make pier durable. Put one brick across the pier from both ends and the two plates along between them. Use the level to ensure that each row of bricks smooth. Press the bricks down the handle of the trowel if necessary.
3. When the first pier built, do build a second pier in the same way, approximately 1 ILO first, worrying that he was exactly in line with the first pier.
4. Take three 65-inch boards to 7.5Ч5 cm in diameter and four boards 15Ч4 cm in diameter made of soft wood or hard wood. Fix the boards on the piers, if desired, they should be reinforced with screws.
In the same way you can build a long bench. This type of seat is particularly suitable for the edge of the patio, it can also be installed on either side of the big pond. The seat is supported by wooden pillars 10Ч10 cm, separated by approximately 1.2 m from each other and vetenerian variations in the earth. Very popular bench for a picnic, because this project does not require any complicated carpentry skills: simply screwed or are knocked together together. The table is supported on three support structures made of 6.5Ч4 cm boards made of soft wood, each composed of a horizontal top Board with pairs of supports, screwed to it and turned out. Board 15Ч4 cm from the soft wood screwed to the top of the framework of the support to form the top of the table. The seats are made in pairs svininih between the boards are bolted to the horizontal boards across the framework supports approximately 45 cm above the ground.
Unusual bench will be spectacular
decorative detail of your garden.
For contrast, check next to the bench a couple
large stones and sprinkle around the gravel.