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Poles for street lights, street lighting

Poles for the lights

Poles for the lights is so often invisible to us, the appearance of the street. However, it is difficult to imagine our city without lighting. When we go on the streets, certainly before our eyes glimpsed an incredible amount of lights, shop Windows and advertising Burgundy with backlight.

Street lighting is an integral part of our life that we can decorate to your taste. If you look back and look at history, the first mention of street lighting appeared in the 17th century in Holland. Objective to develop a system of street lighting was quite understandable - in the dark inhabitants of Amsterdam often fell into the ditches and manholes, and the city authorities have decided to take care of the population. They have installed street lights on city streets, which later grew into a whole area lighting.


Street lamps, street lamps.

Scientific progress has led us to the modern mind street lamps with the invention conventional light bulbs. And in the 19th century in London was replaced gas lamps on more modern versions - electric. Gradually spreading across Europe, the street lights have become commonplace on the streets of cities around the world.

Garden luminaires fully comply to its name and is specially created for garden lighting or plot. Garden lights also differ depending on their design, as they can perform not only the original function, but also to be a wonderful addition to the interior. They may have different power options ceiling, the location and number of lights, height, and also you have the opportunity to choose the poles for the lights. Thanks to the original design of your garden with garden lamps, your house or country estate will not only be lit in the dark, but different from the rest. The same functions are performed and garden Park lamps, differing only in the more rugged design, more high power lamps and ability used lamp to pass through the light.

Park lamps specially designed for the lighting of the Park area, and although it is the same street lamps, but they are a higher quality product, and are also a kind of decoration of the Park area.

With the right lighting, you can not only improve visibility in the dark on the required territory, but also to make it memorable and delicious! Book garden street Park light fixtures from us!