Balusters for stairs and balconies

Code: p10737254
Material: Cast
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First of all balusters are used as reliable support for handrails stair and balcony railings, as well as a sure way to prevent falls

In addition to the many functional advantages of stair and balcony balusters, there is another no less important - it is their decorative role in the interior of the house. Despite the fact that they are part of the ladder, the integral elements of its structure and composition of the leading parts, balusters are also able to play an independent role in the interior of the room and they can be taken as a completely self-contained separate from the stairs Decor.

The experience and skill of our experts allows you to create completely different, satisfying taste of each client, balusters: cast iron, bronze with original decor. From the true design of stairs to a large extent depends on the correct perception of the entire interior of a country house. Quality and talent made ​​balusters will not only decorate your home, but they also bring a special atmosphere in the souls of your loved ones and friends of the heart.

Manufacturer Dekorlit
Made in Ukraine
additional Features
Manufacturer Dekorlit
ISO 9001: 2000
material cast Iron
Makes cast iron EN GJL 200, EN GJL 250, EN GJL 300, EN GJS 500-7 and EN GJS 600-3
The quality is 100% guaranteed quality
Shipping according to the agreement with the customer