Barbecues and fireplaces - cast to order

Code: p10785252
Material: Cast
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Our team has a wealth of creative and technical expertise in the development and implementation of the most ambitious projects.

Forged fireplace - it is a symbol of comfort and home. An infinite number of design solutions allow you to turn the living room of his house into a fiefdom of the old castle or a cozy boudoir angiysky queen. The perfect complement to the fireplace becomes delicate wrought forged reshetka.Kovanye fishnet patterns create a sense of weightlessness and elegance.

Manufacturer Dekorlit
Made in Ukraine
Material Cast iron firebox
additional Features
Manufacturer Dekorlit
ISO 9001: 2000
material cast Iron
Makes cast iron EN GJL 200, EN GJL 250, EN GJL 300, EN GJS 500-7 and EN GJS 600-3
The quality is 100% guaranteed quality
Shipping according to the agreement with the customer