Technical casting from the company «Progress»

«Progress» — manufacturer of iron castings for all Odrasle engineering. Our clients are worldwide known company in the field of hydraulics, energy, automobile and tractor industry, etc. Manufactured cast iron brand: EN GJL 200 EN-GJL 250 EN-GJL 300, EN GJS 500-7, EN-GJS 600-3 and other

For many years, our clients are well-known in Europe and worldwide companies in the field of hydraulics, energy, automobile and tractor industry. Here is just a small list of our customers in Europe: Hydrocar — Italy, Walvoil — Italy, Roter — Italy, UMG — Italy, Ronzino — Italy, Panni — Italy, Fundicion LLor — Spain, Bosch Rexroth — France, Hansa — Slovenia.   

Technical information

The company «Progress» holds a hundred years of history in manufacturing high-quality technical casting of gray and stenographing iron.
  • automatic line for casting molding machine HEINRICH WAGNER SINTO;
  • conveyor with shaking forging machines FOROMAT;
  • plot with shaking forging machines DOZAMET;
  • two blast lines and machine for internal cleaning of castings;
  • production area by steria using machine ROPERVERK for HOT-BOX process and LAEMPE LL20 for cold process.

Produced cast iron brand EN GJL 200 EN-GJL 250 EN-GJL 300, EN GJS 500-7 EN GJS 600-3. We have at our disposal a well-equipped laboratory, which is accredited to carry out comprehensive monitoring of incoming raw materials, characteristic of the molten material and forming the mixture of physical, chemical and mechanical Characterstics finished products. Annual performance castings is 12 thousand tons.    

For many years the company “Progress” supplies casting the largest domestic manufacturers of motors, hydromentia, diesel engines parts for the car and kosovorotka, gearboxes, machines for wood processing industry, electric motors and the like, as well as foreign manufacturers in more than 10 European countries.   

The company “Progress” highly skilled employees who work continuously on the improvement and modernization of production and of all technological processes. Our partners we offer flexible win-win cooperation.
  • Technology. Continuously modernized production process that meets the requirements of even the most demanding customers. The management and staff of the Joint stock Company “Progress” declare its commitment to the continual improvement of the quality of the final product.
  • development Bureau. Long-term tradition and experience of our professionals give you the opportunity to improve and modernize the technology of the production process. The application of the most modern CAD-CAM systems for design and a well-equipped tool factory contribute to the rapid development of new products and maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Tool factory. part "Progress" is an instrumental plant for the production of pattern tooling and core boxes. Produced model from the resin, aluminum and wood exhibits, documentation, or on models of customer.
  • Area of the heat. the Company has 4 induction furnaces industrial frequency capacity of 10 tons and 2 ovens brand AEG average frequency with a capacity of 2 tons.
  • Preparation of mixtures. Completely automated system with all the necessary devices for cooling, aerating and sifting casting compounds, and their preparation in the vortex mixers with weight sensors. Monitoring of all stages of preparation. Moulding line automatic line snap-flask moulding machine FBO III firm HEINRICH WAGNER SINTO with dimensions of flask 600 x 500 conveyor with shaking forging machines FOROMAT with dimensions of flask h; h; h plot with shaking forging machines DOZAMET with dimensions of flask h; h; 1000x800; h
  • Cleaning castings
  • Checkpoints treatment machine
  • shot Blasting treatment drums
  • Machine internal cleaning of specialized channels and holes castings.
  • Production rods
  • Manufacturer rods on Cloning-process machines R?PERWERK for HOT-BOX process, and LAEMPE LL20 for cold process.
  • quality Control

the Firm has at its disposal excellent equipment and laboratory accredited to carry out comprehensive monitoring of incoming raw materials, characteristics of the molten metal and the molding mixture, the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of finished products. Exact compliance with the process at all stages of production ensures a high quality of manufactured products.
All this allows to make any small architectural forms.