Decorative cast fences

Code: p10785042
Material: Cast
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Architectural products company can be used to equip health centers, parks, private sector (houses, mansions, estates), etc. 

Articles of cast metal used in modern beautification of the area whether it's suburban or urban landscape, are now becoming increasingly popular and diverse. 
As gates, fences and fence with cast members - are an integral part of the architectural ensemble and perform several functions at the same time: the aesthetic and protective, a subtle combination of which will please not only the owner of such fence or fence, but also its neighbors and guests. On the one hand, seemingly light and airy alloy fence elements, gracefully intertwined lettering patterns, basically carry a rigid frame, and is a serious obstacle to the attacker. A highly artistic and unique performance of the cast of the fence on the individual sketches guarantees not losing fashion over time facade. 

Manufacturer Dekorlit 
Made in Ukraine 
additional Features 
Manufacturer Dekorlit 
ISO 9001: 2000 
material cast Iron 
Makes cast iron EN GJL 200, EN GJL 250, EN GJL 300, EN GJS 500-7 and EN GJS 600-3 
The quality is 100% guaranteed quality