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Balusters and balustrades - home decoration

Ironwork create in any interior a sense of nobility and wealth. Metal Art from the real masters of their craft allows to realize the most daring design decisions and give the metal complex and original forms.

Wrought iron balusters and railings fit into any architectural complex and can be a major part of the decor. Metal railings and fences in harmony with any material, for example, a combination of stone steps and wrought iron balustrades became a classic. At the same time, fully wrought-iron staircase, for example spiral, will also be beneficial to look in your interior or exterior.

The durability and reliability of metal balustrades exceeds even the stone structure. Meanwhile, some forged elements differ airy and quite heavier exterior stairs. Wrought iron stairs and railings fulfill their direct purpose - to ensure complete safety of the house movement. In addition, it is a real work of decorative art. And in combination with additional accessories forged in the interior, such as cornices, lamps, fender and drovnitsa, will create a unique style of your home.