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Street lighting: the safety and attractiveness of the city streets

Artificial lighting of streets designed to protect the movement of vehicles and people in the city at night. The well-lit streets significantly reduced the probability of road accidents. But street lighting performs aesthetic role, increasing the attractiveness of streets and architectural structures.

The main representative of street lighting are cantilever fixtures - streetlights. The power of such lamps is chosen specifically to give them enough light, and at the same time, do not blindly road. In addition, depending on the intensity of traffic on a particular stretch of road set different power streetlights. The more traffic, the more lights are used.

For special kind of street lighting include decorative lamps. In contrast to the dry, to some extent, monotonous lighting the roadway, then the first place there is the creative component. Proper management of luminous flux of lamps unusual shapes and decorative streetlights output (architectural) lighting a special place. Well-designed and properly placed lighting can highlight and emphasize the need for an object of landscape design. Decorative lighting, you can create a cozy and warm atmosphere, and give a modern and extravagant kind of urban architectural solutions.

Street lamps and lights are characterized by high immunity to external adverse effects - wind, rain, dust, hail, strong temperature changes, etc. Devices for outdoor lighting produced purposefully with a large margin of safety that allows you to serve them for years to come.