Making lampposts

The organization of street lighting to date, there are different lamp support, differing in size, style and configuration. The metal lampposts, as well as concrete, are outdoors, trunk, or highly specialized (such as poles for video cameras, lightning, flagpole, etc.). Light poles, depending on necessity are supplied with a different number of lamps that can help as well to illuminate the surrounding space, and create a special atmosphere of the street, boulevard, gardens, parks, squares.

Lighting poles made of cast iron is very durable and reliable. These are the pillars of the lamps for a long time and can withstand the toughest operating conditions. Metal lampposts have a number of important advantages compared with older concrete supports. Current support for lights is much easier to install and transport, and on this depends the cost and installation of lighting systems.

Our company offers the choice of cast iron poles street lamps that meet the requirements of production and operation. Our lampposts enhance the beauty of the urban landscape and the uniqueness of your garden landscaping. They are durable and aesthetically pleasing. You can choose the height of the column, style, number of lamps, and other parameters. We will create a special mood to your landscape!