landscape lighting

Features landscape and park lighting

One of the highest priorities in the field of landscape design is gardening lighting. There are two main directions in this regard, depending on their goals. Landscape lighting in the first case is repelled from the problems of functionality, and the second - the main importance is given to the decorative component.

Functional landscape lighting

To ensure a high level of safety and ease of movement on the target area, whether it's a city park or the infield, made ​​to install lights and lamps, which would provide the maximum park lighting. This is important in an urban setting to create comfortable conditions for movement of vehicles, as well as to strolling on square people could stumble and tuck foot.

For personal home functional landscape lighting is required in case if there is a risk of contact with the local area unwanted outsiders, as well as if the landscape features do not allow for the comfortable movement of people in low-light conditions of the site.

Decorative park lighting

If the priority of landscape design is to create a special atmosphere with the help of mid-tones and highlights the different combination of options used decorative park lighting. It is also used in many parks. With directional and diffuse light created by the desired effect in each particular case. Perceived by living statues, romantic fountains and benches ... All this can be achieved through the establishment of a competent lighting concepts.

The choice between the decorative and functional lighting sometimes view allows you to create certain compromises, which combine to some extent the merits of each of these species.