Stairs and railings

Wrought iron stairs and railings are becoming increasingly popular in modern interiors and exteriors. Craftsmanship is able to completely change the look of your home and become a highlight of the design. Metal stairs and railings can decorate the house both outside and inside. Screw, marching, segment stairs, railings and banisters can combine the classical elements (flowers, leaves and curls), or have a completely individual forms. An abundance of artistic techniques and forged elements which have been accumulated over the years by our masters will help to realize the most courageous decisions.

The most popular and popular are FLOATING. They are simple in design and usually consist of one or more marches (direct fragments with steps). Stairs with one march more suitable for smaller spaces, but in the spacious big houses to lift to the second floor can be used FLOATING a rotatable element or intermediate pads.

A spiral staircase saves space, but it may be less convenient and safe compared to the march. However, in the case of a spiral staircase rescued very small space, as no other can not fit here. In addition, the spiral staircase can be placed almost anywhere in the room, and its elegant appearance will give your interior a certain mystery.

Besides the incredible aesthetic beauty, wrought iron stair railing and long years of distinguished service. Strong stair railings have a large margin of safety and provide a safe and convenient travel on flights of stairs.