Types forged arbors

In any landscape design blends harmoniously forged arbor. It will be an elegant and original extension of your garden. Place to meet with friends, drinking tea with family and thought alone. Arbour will give the completeness of any of garden area. It is an island of comfort and warmth.

To date, the kinds of forged arbors can be divided into three groups: arbours, pergolas and gazebo. So, for each group in detail.

Belvedere nowadays called several kinds of plants, it can be a simple arbor or a superstructure over the house. But gazebo distinguished from other types of gazebos consistently round shape with a wide view of the surrounding landscape. Belvedere is usually placed on a hill for a better view. This romantic and slightly mysterious air pavilions, where you can retreat from the bustle of the city.

Pergola from the Latin is translated as a shed or outbuilding. In the Middle Ages, each decorated with wrought iron pergola garden. The design of the arches and wrought-iron grilles covered luxuriantly flowering creepers and create extraordinarily beautiful canopy. Therefore, pergolas often called pergolas, florists.

Gazebo originates from the Italian architecture. So called pad, a high ledge or balcony with a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape. Gazebo is invariably part of any architectural structure. Particularly impressive wrought-iron gazebo looks near the steep descent or breakage.