Barriers, road fence

Code: p11469812
Material: Cast
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Intended to reserve a parking space. Locked in the closed position or half built castle.

Our company offers road and bridge barrier fencing. Production of road and bridge railings conducted taking into account the technical conditions of the Customer.
The company specializes in producing high-quality, precision casting of gray and graphite cast iron sphere for the automotive, electrical and mechanical engineering industries. One of the promising areas of activity of the company is the production of architectural and decorative products made ​​of cast iron. All production corresponds to the quality system of ISO9001: 2000

Manufacturer Dekorlit
Made in Ukraine
additional Features
Manufacturer Dekorlit
ISO 9001: 2000
material cast Iron
Makes cast iron EN GJL 200, EN GJL 250, EN GJL 300, EN GJS 500-7 and EN GJS 600-3
The quality is 100% guaranteed quality
Shipping according to the agreement with the customer